Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Dragon Land is a brand-new 3D platformer on Android and iOS which requires a lot of motivation from these old-school platformers when you had been young you played and loved.

The evil Borg has kidnapped friends and family plus it's your decision, as a dragon that was young, to rescue them. With this in your mind, you will set-off on a journey through the duration of Dragon Land as you run, jump, float, and beat up enemies in a variety of stages that were magnificent.

Entire an episode and you will save one of your buddies who's subsequently revealed as a playable persona. Each Dragon has its means which are not amazingly useless, and frequently the secret to advancing in a future level.

Full Article We attained out to Dano Alonso, Manufacturer at Societal Level, who went into more depth about why you must play it, the challenges faced during development to find out more about Dragon Land.

What does one think Dragon Land offers that you simply can not get from another title on the Appstore?

"Dragon Land is the very first accurate 3D platforming experience that one can have in your mobile device, and resembles old school platformers that you adored and performed during your youth."

What problems did you face throughout development, and how did you overcome them?

"Our first important challenge was acquiring the handles perfectly for touchscreen devices, and the results so far are superb. People who've performed it have enjoyed themselves immensely and haven't fought together with the handles.

"The second big problem was to adapt the traditional games console platformer encounter to some F2P version. We need as many people as you can to help you to relish Dragon Land so that it absolutely was always the plan to produce it at no cost."

Which part of Dragon Land are you professionally the most proud of and why?

"The stages. You'll find pirate boats, chart interiors, mysterious caverns, lost mines... Some stages are truly unforgettable.

"We think the level layout is precisely what an oldschool platformer gamer would expect from your genre, plus they will locate it in Dragon Land."

Do you have anything prepared when it comes to future upgrades for Dragon Land and, in that case, can you give any particulars of what these might include to us?

"Of course. We wish to offer gamers what they are not full for - more levels to play!

"They might come in the form of fresh attacks or under an alternate guise, but you will need to wait and see."

Have you any plans to to create Dragon Land to some other cellular systems, including Windows Phone?

"We're establishing the game simultaneously on iOS and Android and that is our primary focus at this time.

"Our next thing to do will be to get Dragon Land on Appletv, as it sort of resembles a traditional games console experience."
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